Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Privacy and Security in our connected world

Over the next few weeks I will be adding detail to the following outline of Privacy and Security.
If there are specific topics you would like to see please email them to me.

Guide to Internet Security for Safety and Protection

Software Updates
Windows/Mac OS
Virus Software
View Links before Clicking
Internet Browsing
Shared Computer
Passcode Lock or Password on open
Iphone Find my Phone
Erase before selling

Public networks

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Fitness / Workout Apps - Do they work?

How many times have you seen a new Fitness or Workout app for your Iphone or Android device and wondered if they work?  As someone who's fitness level has gone up and down, I have.  I am not looking for an easy way to get fit.  These apps are not designed, nor claim to be quick fixes.  Fitness does take time and dedication.  There are so many out apps how do you determine which ones would?  Well, good news.  I am going to use my self as a guinea pig so you don't have to.  I know what you are thinking, no thanks are needed.  Well, maybe you could follow this blog and like my Facebook page.

Now how will I test and prove or disprove these apps?  First, I am going to choose 4 fitness apps along with some monitoring apps.  My chosen device is an Iphone 5.  These apps are:

0 to 100 Push Ups by ClearSky Apps
Squats Pro by Runtastic
C25K Free by ZenLabs LLC
200+ Situps by Weedo Technology co.

I will also use:

Instant Heart Rate by Azumio

I will chart my progress at least weekly, maybe more with a photo, weight, heart rate and energy levels.  I will do this for 6 weeks.  Now I am not expecting to become buff.  I am expecting some weight loss and hopefully all around fitness improvement.  The purpose of this is to determine if using these apps, am I going to be able to get better fit on my own schedule (following the apps), in the comfort of my own home (besides the C25K app).

Disclaimer:  As you will see from the photos I will post, I am not a fitness person.  I work in Information Technology.  I have become very non fit and I hope you are not offended by my photos.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Does your email address matter as a professional?

Does your email address matter as a professional?  When you receive an email from a professional contact using a free service like Hotmail or Yahoo, or even an older out-dated service like AOL what do you think of this person?  What about an email address that is obviously one from their younger or less professional days (johntheslayer@hotmail.com)?

Every communication and contact with a customer leaves an impression.  Shouldn't you leave the best one every time?

I personally think as a business or a professional your email address says a lot about you.  Which of the following email addresses illicit's a more professional feeling from you:


It is not that difficult today to acquire an email address for your company, even if you have no desire to have a website.  There are many companies that offer email services without web hosting, like godaddy.com or 1and1.com.

Remember what you are trying to accomplish, building  relationships.  Don't let a bad email address stop you from getting in the door.

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Windows 8 Key Tips

In these key combinations, hold down the Windows key (normally located between Alt and Ctrl) and another key, as described on this list.

  • Press the Windows key to enter the tiled Start screen.
  • The Windows key + M minimizes everything that's showing on the desktop.
  • The Windows key + E opens Explorer for quick access to folders.
  • On the Start screen, press the Windows key + D to instantly get to the desktop.
  • The Windows key + Tab opens a list of currently running programs.
  • The Windows key + Print Screen takes a screenshot and saves it in a Screenshots folder nested in your Pictures folder. 
  • To take a screenshot on a Windows 8 tablet, simultaneously press the Windows button and the volume-down button on the tablet chassis.
  • The Windows key + Q opens a global search menu. Type what you're looking for and where you would like to look.
  • The Windows key + W opens a search in your system settings to quickly locate and change system properties.
  • The Windows key + F opens a file and folder search.
  • The Windows key + Pause opens the system properties page to show you a quick rundown of your specs.
  • The Windows key + "," (that's the comma sign!) makes all current windows transparent, giving you a peek at the desktop as long as you hold down the Windows key.
  • The Windows key + "." (the period) snaps a window to the right or left side (toggling each time you press ".").
  • The Windows key + R prompts the Run command—useful for quickly launching apps and other routines with a command prompt.
  • The Windows key + X opens the Quick Access Menu, exposing system functionality such as the Command Prompt, Disk Management, File Explorer, Run, and more. Alternatively, you can right-click on the bottom right corner of the screen to spawn the Quick Access Menu.
  • The Windows key + I opens the settings menu, giving you quick access to the Control Panel, Personalization, and your Power button, among other features.
  • The Windows key + O locks orientation on devices with an accelerometer.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Linkedin - Job Tool or Facebook for Adults

So you want to find a Job.  Maybe you are out of work or looking to change positions, either way I am going to discuss just one of my favorite Social Sites for Professionals looking for employment, Linkedin.  As with any job search, do not limit yourself to one method.  This is just one I happen to find very useful for looking for relevant employment, as well as a long term tool for future employement.

Now some people will say it is just a Facebook looking site.  I call it, Facebook for Professionals.  This site is all about your connections.  Connections with those you went to school with, worked with, met at a trade show, or wherever.  The point is to connect and build connections.  You ask why?  I will show you why in just a little bit.  Let’s begin with Getting Started, creating a profile.

When you create your profile you want to build an online resume.  Remember basic resume rules apply; this online resume should resemble your ‘paper copy’.  Dates, accomplishments, and all should be the same.  If not, you need to fix it.  Add all the schools you attended, places of employment, and any specialty skills you possess.  Don’t forget to add a picture.  It is helpful for putting your name and face together.  I suggest a picture in a professional setting wearing professional attire.  Now I have seen some where the person is on the beach or at a party.  Let’s just say again, this is a Professional site where you are posting your professional information.  You want to be taken seriously. 

Create your URL
Update your URL from the one that Linkedin has suggested.  Do this by choosing Edit Profile from the Profile Menu.  In the first block choose edit at the end of Public Profile.  On the Right side under "Your Public Profile URL" choose customize your public profile.  Give this some thought. Make it professional. 

After you have added your Education and any schools you have attended, you can now start to connect with people you attended this schooling with.  This is important, all of your connections are important.  I can not stress the levity of this. 

Do the same with each place of employment.  Search people by the companies you have worked.  Add every person you know.  You can also search for people you know but haven’t worked with.  Be careful of just adding random people, it is not suggested and does not really help you if you do not know them is some way.  I added pastors and close personal friends.  Always be on the lookout for new connections.  When ever I go to a business meeting, or trade show, conference, training or any professional outing I meet people and request them to connect with me on Linkedin

After you have connected to people in your past and hopefully present.  Ask a few that you worked closely with if they would give you an online recommendation of your work at the particular employment or schooling.  These are usually short, precise and give a basic view of your work ethics and skills.  Be prepared to reciprocate. 

This is one of the most important features, right behind the connections.  Join groups where you have an interest.  Let’s say you are an ‘Oracle’ database professional.  Then I would join groups like:
Oracle Jobs
Oracle Connections
Oracle Senior DBA’s
You get the point.  Join job groups that pertain to your interests.  Join local community groups.  A lot of these groups post jobs online that you may never see unless you belong to the group. 

Participate in the group discussions.  I find these extremely helpful.  Even if you think you are an advanced user there are always time you need a second opinion.  Offer advise, help on questions, basically interact.

You will meet a lot of connections through groups if you interact.  Also, reading the group posts are a great way of staying current even if you aren’t using a particular technology at the moment but have in the past.  I get a lot of information from my groups. 

Follow Companies you are interested in.  These may be places you have worked or would like to work.  Or even just those you admire.  Companies post jobs, and if you follow you have an easier path to see when these are posted. 

Recruiters are your best friend.  Remember, they are trying to help you secure employment.  They succeed when you do.  It doesn’t help them to submit you if they don’t think you are a fit.  Connect with them.  When you receive an email from a recruiter, find them on Linkedin and connect with them.  They post jobs on linked and the more you are connected with the more jobs you will see.

Now I know this is just an overview of Linkedin and it should not be your only means of looking for employment.  It should be an important tool.  You will find that your connections are just that, connections to someone or some company that you would not have without them.  For instance, you are connected to “Bob” from your last job.  You are interested in Company “C” for employment, they have an opening posted.  “Bob is connected to the HR manager at company “C”, a 3rd degree connection for you.  You can not contact this person yourself, but through “Bob” you can request the connection and ask for him to connect you two together.  This is one way that connections are helpful.  I will go into more depth later on about connections and my own personal job searching and procurement using Linkedin.

Make sure to get your profile to 100% completeness.  

I hope you enjoyed this article and it was helpful, and if you are looking for employment, Good Luck.

Social Techie

Monday, December 5, 2011

My first Blog. What to expect....

Thank you for reading my first blog.  Hopefully it is now far into the future and you are looking back at my previous posts thinking "Wow, this blog has really come a long way".

I plan on blogging a lot about how Social Technology is used today for a variety of reasons.  I myself use a lot of  Social Sites.  I have used Social Sites to find Jobs, find the "love of my life", connect with lost Family and Friends, buy and sell items, and much much more.  In our Social Society today it is to our advantage to use all the Social Sites we can to obtain our objective.  I will explain how I use each Social Site, the Pros and Cons of each and what to expect out of them.  My goal is that we will all gain some useful knowledge along this journey.

I am sure that sometimes I may venture outside the world of Social Sites and blog about my personal life, family, pets, or whatever is prevalent at the time.  Please bear with me, I will get back to the topic at hand.

Social Techie